NAG4M2 -- NumericalAlgebraicGeometry

Authors: Anton Leykin and Robert Krone

The package NumericalAlgebraicGeometry, also known as NAG4M2 (Numerical Algebraic Geometry for Macaulay2), implements methods of polynomial homotopy continuation to solve systems of polynomial equations and describe positive-dimensional complex algebraic varieties. A version of the package (see current documentation) is distributed with the latest version of Macaulay2.

To use NumericalAlgebraicGeometry follow step 1 (optional steps 2 and 3 get the most up-to-date front end, step 4 gets the developer's version):
  1. download and install Macaulay2
  2. clone Macaulay2 source code from this M2 github repository fork: (branch NAG),
    git clone -b NAG
  3. make sure M2 packages are loading from the M2/Macaulay2/packages/ directory of the source code above: change "path", e.g.
    path = {"directory-where-you-cloned/M2/Macaulay2/packages/"} | path
    If you wish to have the line above automatically executed at the beginning of every M2 session, edit init.m2 (located in ~/.Macaulay2/ on Linux systems).
  4. compile an M2 executable from the source code (the latest distributed M2 executable should work for most things).

Useful Macaulay2 commands to get started:

needsPackage "NumericalAlgebraicGeometry"

viewHelp NumericalAlgebraicGeometry

help NumericalAlgebraicGeometry